Basic Bike Service - £30 (excluding parts)

General Bike Service - £60 (excluding parts)

Major Bike Service - £125 (excluding parts)

Wheel Hub Service (per wheel) - from £20

Bottom Bracket Service - from £20

Headset Service - from £20

Gearing indexing (adjustment) - from £10

Fit new chain - £10 (excluding parts)

Fit new freewheel/cassette - £10 (excluding parts)

Wheel Truing - from £15 per wheel

Brake Bleed - from £15 per brake

Replace spoke/s - from £15 per wheel + price of spoke/s

Small Repairs - from £5  

For other miscellaneous work contact 'The Bike Spanner' for a price quote


Internet bought bike build - from £25

Internet/shop bought items fitting service - cost dependent of part

If parts are required they will be fitted at an additional cost on agreement with the customer

For work to be carried out bikes need to be clean. A cleaning service is available prior to work being carried out at a cost of £10


Check brakes inc. cables adjustment if necessary

Check gears inc. cables indexed if necessary

Check headset adjust if necessary

Drive train (chain, cassette & chain set) check adjust if necessary and fresh lubricant applied

Wheels and tyres inspected for wear

Tyres inflated to correct pressures


Nuts and bolts tightened to correct torque settings

Full safety check and bike road test


As Basic Service


New inner cables fitted

Drive train cleaned/de-greased using an ultrasonic cleaning bath and re-lubricated

Wheels removed and trued

Seat post removed, cleaned, appropriate non-seize product applied, seat post refitted​


As General Service

Wheel Hub Service

Bottom Bracket Service

Headset Service

Full strip down to frame and fork